Dear Student!
You are Welcome to study at Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University!

Studying at our university can be passport to a successful life and career. We care about the quality mark in our educational programs, because it’s the secret of our success between the Ukrainian universities. Pylyp Orlyk International Classical Universityis a world-class educational organization. That’s why the foreign students are select our university. 
All the educational programs at the University is carried out in Ukrainian (with the exception of some language-specific teaching). It’s meaning that the student must be sufficient fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian/Russian to cope with your course from the start. All the foreign students during the year of the language are able to speak and write, the reason for this is due to the ease of the local language, excellent teaching process and its direct practices in the university and in the life the simple Ukrainian people living in peace with the other nationalities. We go back and confirm that we have a lot of educational programs teaching in English, you will find it at the bottom of the page.

The training courses is a guaranty for the foreigners who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian. Training courses last can be 6 or 10 months. During that time foreigners can study our history and traditions, communicate with leading scientists and professors. That will help to adapt to faculties’ demands in future. After successfully finishing and graduation at the preparatory department student receives a certificate of the state standard, which gives the right to enroll Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University or other Ukrainian university.

Our range and fees for our programmers are a suitable and available for the international students from different strata of societies to study at the Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University, including undergraduate, postgraduate, short-term study courses and vocational programmers.

Undergraduate study.

Programs available:

New specialties:

  • International Economy 
  • International Management
  • Medical Psychology ( under the final stage Licensing )
  • Public Health ( under the final stage Licensing )

For other specialties, which we don’t have in our university, we are very pleased to help the students to start study in one of other Ukrainian universities. With the help of the Agency company for the educational services business enterprise ALATUM NATALIIA SERGIIVNA the university strategic partner.

Dear Students from different countries!

Having a bachelor’s degree has become increasingly important. Even if you’re already working in your chosen field, not having a college education can stand between you and advancement opportunities. With a wide range of offerings, we can help you meet your next challenge and rise to your full potential.
The duration of studies: 4 years after the Foundation course

Programs available: 

Students who have a Bachelor’s Degree we are very pleased to invite them for a master programs

There is wide range of student support available for international students during their time at the Pylyp Orlyk Classical University. Whether you want to take part in a sport, pursue a hobby, or join a political group, you will almost certainly find that a society exists for this purpose. We run a variety of creative associations such as student theatres, bands, dancing groups, music and singing studios, etc.

The Pylyp Orlyk Classical University is the perfect place for you to make discoveries and put your mark on the world. It has a reputation for high-quality research and inspirational teaching. Studying here will help you secure a great graduate role in the global job market!