Dear friends, dear colleagues!

We have chosen the path to success - and we are successful!We have chosen a path of development and trust - and we are reaching our goal.


Don't limit yourself to reality.

Reality for those who just work. And we are talented. We set ourselves unrealistic tasks and achieve victory! There is a lot to learn and a lot to know. And yet, follow the path of practice; touch your dream with real activity! Feeling human in the world. Do not stop at your successes. The world is huge and we are in every part of it! To be a man of honor. The motto of our community:


Never stop. Only development can bring new ideas. Only new ideas illuminate the path to a worthy future.

Our team is waiting for you.

Rector Ludmila Matvienko.

P. Orlyk International Classical University is a complex of non-governmental international educational institutions that have existed in Ukraine since 1996, with license AE No. 527891. The University is accredited in accordance with the national classification system. 

P. Orlyk International Classical University offers comfortable educational opportunities from a kindergarten, a school to a network of working professions, college courses and various specialties of universities in Ukraine and the European Union.

P. Orlyk International Classical University , in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, by the name of Pylyp Stepanovich Orlyk, an outstanding Ukrainian statesman and military figure, hetman of Ukraine, one of the authors of the 1710 Zaporizhzhya Army Pact and Constitution of Rights and Liberties.

The activities of the P. Orlyk International Classical University in the field of education were aimed at raising national identity, patriotism, stabilizing the role of independent Ukraine in the system of international relations of Europe at that time.

The international classical university named P. Orlyk became the eighteenth Ukrainian university and the first non-state university that joined the UNESCO University Association.

Such membership confirms the level and quality of the provision of educational services of the university and opens it to international cooperation. This is one of the main reasons for working with a large share of partners among European and American universities.

The International Association of Universities was founded in 1950 under the auspices of UNESCO, which is the union of all the leading universities in the world and brings together universities from more than 120 countries. The Association is an example of the provision of educational services in higher education around the world, but first of all, it forms the basic guidelines that serve as a solid foundation for the  development of the principle of freedom and justice, human dignity and solidarity through educational activities.

Such membership gives students and teachers the opportunity to take part in paid internships, seminars, and trainings in many countries of the world. Gaining practical experience in the conditions of a global employer, graduates of the Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University receive a unique opportunity for compétitive employment.

The university’s admission to the Association confirms that at the P. Orlyk International Classical University the methodology, principles and models of education are in line with world standards, and the introduction of the dual education model puts the university in a number of progressive and meeting the requirements of the modern information society.

Already today, in the framework of international cooperation, students from Azerbaijan, Guinea, Egypt, Iran, Zambabwe, Israel, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Turkey, Turkmenistan and other countries are getting education at the Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University.

P. Orlik International Classical University joined the Association due to the effective combination of the national idea and the European concept of higher education in pedagogical activities.

Firstly, it is academic freedom, which is realized through an individual approach to the work of students.

Secondly, institutional autonomy is the selection of personnel on the principle of a dual learning model (combining a lecture hall from candidates, doctors of sciences and an immersed workshop).

Thirdly, social mobility and responsibility, the formation of learning models that allow students from remote settlements to receive a significant part of the educational program in the field.

Types of educational levels offered by the University:

- Preparatory department for foreigners, lasting from 6 to 10, depends on the time the student enters
- junior specialist (diploma level) training duration from 2 to 3 years, depending on the specialty
- Bachelor according to the international system; duration of study 4 years
- Master's degree in accordance with the international system; training duration from 1.5 years to 2 years depending on the specialty
- PhD according to the international system; training duration from 2.5 years to 4 years depending on the specialty

Main faculties of P. Orlik International Classical University:


- Preparatory department for foreigners
- International Economics and Law
- Modern medicine and psychology
- Faculty of Pharmacy

Why students choose us:

1. Additional international specializations that increase the competitiveness of our students and graduates in the modern labor market of high-level organizations.
2. Simultaneous training in  two specialties of various orientations (for example: economics and law).
3. Availability of flexible study schedules  for students who work.
4. Internships and internships abroad (EU countries with the possibility of receiving scholarships).

Hello dear friends!
Alatum Investment Group is a strategic partner for the recruitment of international students at the P. Orlik International Classical University.

Our company exists in the education market since 2002. During this time, we graduated about 2000 students. These are 2000 people with completely different needs, talents and a craving for different sciences. But all of them are united by one thing - a conscious desire to learn and bring experience to their country that will help them realize their plans and dreams. And not just on enthusiasm, but with the confidence that they know exactly how to arrange everything from a professional point of view.

I am Ukrainian, and I myself studied at a magistracy with a foreign group. Among them were both students who continued their studies and people who already had a specialist diploma, but after some time they decided that they lacked professional experience and returned to receive a master's program and then graduate school. This suggests that you can and should learn at any age.

Today, our students hold various positions in their countries. Of these, candidates of sciences, teachers at various institutes, also deputy ministers, heads of courts and even army generals ..
Everyone is looking for his own way ...

Someone knows their direction immediately, but someone needs time.

You are all different, gentlemen. But our task is to assist you in choosing your path, to accompany and support in any matters.

We hope for fruitful cooperation and ..

Welcome to the Ukraine!

Chairman, Alatum Natalya